Our Approach & Strategy


Our oRNATM technology is the next revolution in RNA therapeutics. oRNATM molecules are engineered as linear RNAs that undergo highly-efficient autocatalytic circularization. By taking a line and turning it into a circle, our oRNATM technology exhibits numerous advantages over traditional linear mRNA therapies such as simplified production, increased protein expression, and immunoquiescence.

Our engineered oRNATM circular RNA and custom lipid nanoparticles (LNPs) favorably combine into a powerful platform where each oRNA-LNP is optimized for superior protein expression by our FoRCETM (Formulated oRNA Cell-based Evaluation) platform.

EXPRESSION – oRNATM molecules, due to their unique design, are able to produce more therapeutic protein inside the body than conventional mRNA, with the potential to engineer cells, replace damaged proteins, or add new beneficial proteins for patients with serious diseases.

DELIVERY – Newly synthesized oRNATM molecules are compactly packaged into proprietary LNPs. Once inside the body, serum proteins attach to the LNP surface and traffic them to the appropriate target cells, where oRNATM molecules are safely released.

OPTIMIZATION – Utilizing FoRCETM, Orna screens for the best circularization and translation initiation elements to use in oRNATM constructs to drive maximum efficiency and performance. This complete discovery platform captures the entire oRNATM production, formulation, and evaluation process in an arrayed and automated format to ensure the most optimized oRNA-LNP product.



Just as a ripple spreads out in a pond, our oRNA-LNP platform has a breadth of applications across multiple disease areas including cancer, regenerative medicine, protein replacement, infectious diseases, and autoimmunity.

Learn more about our lead program, an in situ CAR therapy (isCARTM) that overcomes significant hurdles of current ex vivo CAR-T therapies.