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Our Approach & Strategy

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Orna + LNP Delivery Equates To A Revolution

Imagine a singular therapeutic that can replace proteins in your body, engineer cells in vivo, generate lasting immunity, and inhibit harmful pathogens or cellular processes. oRNA™ can do all that and more.

Combined with our lipid nanoparticle (LNP) delivery, oRNA™ creates a powerful platform that opens up an entirely new world of treatment possibilities across multiple disease areas including cancer, regenerative medicine, protein replacement, infectious diseases and autoimmunity.

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oRNA™ is formed by self circularization from a linear RNA precursor. This ease of production is the basis of the unmatched advantages over traditional linear mRNA therapies, which include:

  • Simplified production: no caps, no tails, no modified nucleotides
  • Simple purification, leading to lower risk of adverse immune reactions
  • Longer RNA half-life for increased durability and stability
  • Increased protein expression
  • Greater capacity to encode longer, larger proteins
  • Easier formulation into lipid nanoparticles
Scientific illustration depicting the circularization of linear RNA

Each segment of the oRNA™ sequence is designed for a specific effect: driving circularization, encoding the therapeutic protein, and promoting increased protein expression.

Through our high throughput screening technology FoRCE™ (Formulated oRNA Cell-based Evaluation), we are able to evaluate thousands of segments in the LNP context in a variety of cell types to identify which oRNA™ sequences have the ideal therapeutic profile.

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With the ideal oRNA™ sequence in hand, we’re ready to optimize its packaging into our custom LNPs. oRNA™, compared to linear RNA, fits more compactly into a wide variety of LNPs, opening up the possibility to efficiently deliver oRNA™ to a range of cell types.

Once packaged, LNPs traffic oRNA™ to the appropriate place in the body where it is then safely released. The body’s own machinery then reads the genetic instructions encoded within the oRNA™ molecule and gets to work producing high amounts of therapeutic protein.

Our joint venture with ReNAgade Therapeutics combines its foundational delivery platform with our circular RNA technology to discover and develop products targeting new areas of the body.

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