Here at Orna, we believe in the limitless potential of not only our technology but of our team. Comprised of a dedicated, unique group of individuals, we want you to join us in our mission to change the way we treat disease.

Our Values

We achieve

We close the loop between science and patients – our true impact comes only upon success.

We innovate

A circle has no limits – we push beyond obstacles to discover new ideas and new answers to the challenges of meeting patient need.

We help

Our sphere of impact extends beyond ourselves to patients, friends, family, neighbors, the community. We never lose hope for a better tomorrow.

We embrace

Every arc is profoundly similar yet completely unique. Our circle of collaboration and teamwork encloses a safe space where we listen deeply, speak openly, and honestly share perspectives.

We enjoy

We go all in. We work hard, we have fun, we deliver on our promises and achieve results. We inspire each other to be our best.

Committed to Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion

We believe in the infinite power of belonging. We cultivate a culture where people feel safe, included, and heard. Our team of Ornacorns is reflective of the diversity in the world. Here, we can be our whole selves, so we reach our full potential.

Our Ornacorns

Each member of our team is rare and unique, similar to a unicorn, making Orna a magical place to work!
Hear what some of our “Ornacorns” have to say about why Orna is the place to be:

  • "

    One of the best things about Orna is the people. Everyone is accepted, valued and encouraged to grow.

    – Amy Becker, Director, Immunology
  • "

    Orna gives me the opportunity to work at the technological forefront of RNA therapeutics in a fun, exciting, team-oriented environment.

    – Corey Ciullo, Senior Scientist
  • "

    I love how the fast paced nature of work constantly provides learning opportunities while trying new things. I’m truly inspired to ask questions and creatively solve problems being surrounded by so many smart and ambitious individuals who I can also call my friends when the going gets tough.

    – Yessica Wiryawan, Associate Scientist
  • Interested in joining our team?

    Together, we continue to think outside the lines, pushing the boundaries of what’s possible when it comes to treating disease. If you’re ready to join our talented group of people with just the right amount of quirk, check out our current job openings below and send your resume to