Ansbert Gadicke, MD Chairman of the Board, Co-founder & Managing Director, MPM BioImpact Capital

Ansbert is co-founder and Managing Director of MPM BioImpact and its venture capital activities, as well as an investment committee member of MPM BioImpact’s impact collaboration with UBS that is a public/private crossover vehicle managed by MPM BioImpact. He and his partner, Luke Evnin, PhD, founded MPM BioImpact in 1997. Ansbert and the MPM BioImpact team have been the inspiration and driving force behind building leading biopharmaceutical companies such as BioMarin Pharmaceuticals, Idenix Pharmaceuticals (acquired by Merck & Co.), Mitobridge (acquired by Astellas), Pharmasset (acquired by Gilead Sciences) and Radius Health. MPM BioImpact believes that these companies, in which Ansbert was the lead investor and served on the boards, are some of the biggest successes in biotech history – companies that ultimately resulted in helping thousands of patients live longer and vastly improved lives. Prior to launching MPM BioImpact’s venture investing activities, Ansbert led MPM BioImpact’s Advisory and investment business from 1992 to 1997, and prior to that he was at The Boston Consulting Group in their Boston office.

Both Ansbert and Luke Evnin are recipients of the 2017 Global Oncology Visionary Award. Ansbert is active in guiding MPM BioImpact portfolio companies and serves as Chairman of the Board at Cullinan Oncology, NextPoint Therapeutics, Orna Therapeutics and TCR2 Therapeutics, and he serves as a Board Director at ElevateBio and iTeos Therapeutics. He is also a member of the Harvard Medical School Board of Fellows and the Research Advisory Council of Massachusetts General Hospital. Ansbert received an MD from JW Goethe University in Frankfurt and held research positions at the Whitehead Institute for Biomedical Research at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology and the Biochemistry Department at Harvard University. While at the German Cancer Research Center, he focused on HPV16 and 18 in Professor Harald zur Hausen’s group (Nobel Laureate in Physiology or Medicine, 2008).