The Power of oRNA


Built on groundbreaking research from Prof. Daniel Anderson’s lab at MIT, oRNA is the next revolution in RNA therapeutics: synthetic circular RNA efficiently generated by an elegant and proprietary molecular platform. oRNAs lack caps and tails and are always full-length, and are made by combining nature-driven insights with rational design. They are easily made, well-tolerated, and are engineered to express therapeutic proteins through original and proprietary mechanisms.


Two studies by Orna co-founders Dr. Alex Wesselhoeft, Prof. Daniel Anderson, and researchers demonstrate the use of oRNA for robust and stable protein expression in eukaryotic cells and are among the first studies to suggest and show oRNA as a promising alternative to linear mRNA.


This innovative class offers several key advantages over traditional linear mRNA-based approaches.

SIMPLIFIED PRODUCTION – Without caps or tails, oRNAs are produced in a one-step process and are readily purified as obligate, full-length molecules.

SUPERIOR PROTEIN EXPRESSION – oRNAs exhibit longer functional persistence and improved levels of protein expression in cells compared to linear mRNAs, resulting in substantially higher protein production per dose.

IMPROVED FORMULATABILITY – oRNAs are inherently more compact in nanoparticle formulations resulting in simplified encapsulation using a variety of lipid nanoparticle (LNP) chemistries.


Just as a ripple spreads out in a pond, our oRNA platform has a breadth of applications across multiple disease areas including cancer, regenerative medicine, protein replacement, infectious diseases, and autoimmunity. Within these areas, we focus on those where we can make the biggest difference for patients and ourselves.